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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

Welcome to Kindergarten

Growing Up

Was it yesterday I laced his shoes,
wiped his nose and bemoaned each bruise,

Fastened the buttons he couldn't reach,
And built sand castles on the beach?

Plied him with spinach as part of a game,
Guided his hand as he printed his name,

Spanked his bottom and dried his tears,
Scolded and cuddled and calmed his fears,

Tried to explain why the stars twinkle?
No wonder my brow is perpetually wrinkled!

Was that yesterday? Wow how time flies!
Today he's a scholar and worldly-wise;

For now he's grown up and utterly cool...
Today, you see, he started his first full day of school.

Betty Heissar

Hi, my name is Lynn Bradly. I have been teaching Kindergarten at Arcadia School since 1993. I hope you enjoy this web page. I would like to thank my daughter Shannon for helping create our class web page. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything on here, please feel free to contact me. To send an email directly to me, click here. I'll try my best to get back to you.

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You can also contact the webmaster, Shannon Bradly, for concerns, questions, and/or job offers. Hope you enjoy!

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