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Holiday Unit

We study, compare, and contrast the three holiday's - Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. We start our unit at the beginning of December, concentrating on one holiday per week. We incorporate a "Holidays of Light" theme into the three holidays.


1) Santa handprint cards with poem

2) Marshmallow print trees

3) Sugar cone trees

4) Edible dreidles

5) Letters to Santa

6) Santa Calender & Poem

7) Light up Rudolphs
*Petunia's Chrismas
*The Twelve Days of Christmas
*The Night Before Christmas
*The Polar Express
*The Mole Family Christmas
*Mousekins Christmas Eve
*K is for Kwanzaa
*The Wild Christmas Reindeer
*The Tree Angel
*This is the Star
*Tale of the Christmas Mouse
*Clifford's Christmas
*Santa Claus Forever
*The Mouse Before Christmas


*10 Little Reindeer
*Jingle Bells
*We Wish You a Merry Christmas
*Happy Kwanzaa
*Happy Hanukkah
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