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Apple Unit

My apple unit starts at the end of September around Johnny Appleseed's birthday and runs through the first week in October.


1) Make an apple core mobile.

2) Have the children bring in their favorite type of apple. Graph them on a floor graph by color.

3) Story - "The Little Red House with No Doors" Read the story and slice through an apple at the end to reveal the star.

4) Make apple prints.

5) Sequence A Big Red Apple from small to large with each word in an apple.

6) Ten Apples on Top - Read the story. I have a blackline of ten apples and a boy or girl. The children cut, paste in order on a sentence strip and trace numbers 1-10.

7) Observe apples as they are cut open and expose to the air. Let the children get a closer look with a magnifying glass.

8) Make an apple puppet.

9) Make applesauce.

10) Make apple smiles - Spread apple slices with peanut butter, then add raisins for the teeth.

11) Bob for apples
*The Apple Tree
*Ten Apples on Top
*Apple Picking
*The Giving Tree
*Apple and Pumpkins
*Rabbits Foolish Mistake
*An Apple Pie
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