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Thanksgiving Unit

1) The children will graph if they want to be an Native American or a Pilgrim.

2) Make Pilgrim hats and collars.

3) Indian Headband - I use sentence strips and the children pattern little fall pictures on the band. The children cut and add construction paper feathers to complete.

4) We learn some Native American signs.

5) We make a class paperbag turkey and fill it with popcorn. During our feast we cut it open and serve it.

6) I read the "Legend of the Indian Paintbrush". After the story the children paint a sunset using watercolors and glue a construction paper TeePee to their picture.

7) Turkey Handprint with poem.

* Thanksgiving Feast - We share our feast with other kindergarten classrooms. We make butter, corn muffins, popcorn, and trail mix. We make a large square table using bulletin board paper. We sit Indian style and talk about the first Thanksgiving. Some of us are Pilgrims and some of us are Native Americans.
*Squanto and the First Thanksgiving
*Red Fox and His Canoe
*Indian Bunny
*Mama Do You Love Me?
*Legend of the Indian Paint Brush
*Twas' the Night Before Thanksgiving
*Mr. Turkey's Thanksgiving
*Over the River
*The First Thanksgiving
*Three Little Pilgrims
*Cranberry Thanksgiving
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