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Halloween Unit

1) Estimate how many candy corn are in a jar.

2) Make a spider book:
- blow white paint through a straw on black construction paper to make covers.
- make a flap book where pieces on each page open and shut. The word "No" is under each piece.
- The story goes like this: Is he in the box? - No, Is he behind the door? - No, Is he in the web - Yes.

3) Class Web - Have the students sit in a big circle. I start with a big ball of yarn and roll it to a child while holding on to my end. I use this during a reading lesson, (ex. say a Hh word), gives an answer. That child then holds his end & rolls it to another child until everyone gets a turn. Put a spider in the middle. Sing "There's a Spider on the Floor".

4) Ghost Footprints - Help trace one of the students footprint on a sheet of white paper - outline with a black crayon and cut out, or use white paint to make footprints. Glue down on black construction paper and draw a face with a black crayon.

5) Witches Brew - I have the children sing the song and stir a pot of dry ice & water. We then draw a picture of each ingredient, color, cut, and paste it to a large paper cauldron.

6) Monster toast - Pour milk into a cup & add colored food coloring. Paint a monster onto bread, toast, and butter, if you like.

7) Chocolate Spiders - Put 8 straight pretzel sticks into a marshmallow. Pour melted chocolate over the top. Add two candy corn eyes.
*Big Pumpkin
*The Teeny Tiny Woman
*The Witch Has An Itch
*Bat Jamboree
*The Great Pumpkin
*Too Many Pumpkins
*The Biggest Pumpkin
*Pumpkin, Pumpkin
*Clifford's Halloween
*Scared Silly
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