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Bear Unit

1) We have a teddy bear picnic. The children bring in their teddy bears. We read and sing the story, then enjoy bear biscuits with honey.

2) The children measure their own teddies with bear counters.

3) We graph our teddies on a floor graph by paw prints, clothes, fur only, and bows. We analyze the graph then transfer the information on individual graphs.

4) We graph gummy bears by color.

5) We estimate how many Teddy Grahams are in our guessing jar.

6) We have a Corduroy traveling bear bag that children check out for special trips and weekends. There is a journal, travel games, a Corduroy book and video in the bag. Corduroy has been all over the world. We enjoy learning about his adventures and about geography at the same time.
*Goldilocks and The Three Bears
*Blueberries for Sal
*The Three Blairs
*Brown Bear, Brown Bear
*Where's My Teddy
*When Winter Comes
*Honey Paw
*Teddy Bear's Picnic
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